The Vainest, Attention-seeking Persons of Our Era?

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Kim Kardashian has been rated by critics as one of the vainest, attention – seeking persons of our era. She was not simply labeled with this tag, as most biased people would do; she has “earned” it. Kim has been closely monitored and carefully analyzed before such a conclusion could be drawn.

First of all, her private life, which has been publicly lived, has been in pure turbulence. Kim has been known to be dating many guys. Her encounter with Ray J was consciously filmed and bound to end up in the hands of the media. It’s hard to believe that this was a mistake and not a big plan to gain first time exposure and a financial start. Well, it so happens that everything worked out well and she got just what she wanted. Many followers and critics argue that she may have wanted to enter the sex industry, but may have been too skeptical about it, and so she took the easy way out. Her composure, following the sex tape issue, was not one of remorse and humility; instead she became much more explicit, as if she was just waiting for that moment to break the ice.

The short lived marriage with Kris Humphries saw another vain and cunning Kim as she used the occasion to prey on her husband and snatch as much as she could, while the opportunity presented itself. She also used him to build her ratings so that the reality TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” could blossom, and it did.

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It’s now Kanye’s turn; he dare not be fooled by a Lamborghini as a birthday gift because she is definitely expecting twice as much. Her quest to make it in the celebrity world will be finished after she secures a new line in the fashion world and later dismisses our dear rapper friend. Only the future knows what will happen, but she is surely not going to change a bit.

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  2. shes asking how did she get like this? its called pregnancy , kim. pregnancy happened. duh? shes more upset about the appearance of her body than the joy she should be experiencing in becoming a mother soon , smh.

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