Kim speaks about her pregnancy

Kim Kardashian is once again taking the spotlight; however, this time she is not alone. Kim has confirmed that she is now pregnant with Kanye’s baby and from the time of her announcement, the news has gone totally viral. Kanye himself seems to be totally overwhelmed and intrigued by the news. The rapper took the time out at one of his concerts to “hail up” and congratulate Kim as being his “baby’s mother”. The rest of the Kardashians are also excited about the news and they look forward to welcoming a new member into the family.

Kim Kardashian pregnant

Nevertheless, not all is as perfect as most people think, since Kim has claimed that pregnancy is a lot more difficult than anyone can imagine. She made reference to her sister Kourtney, who she said had amazing pregnancies. She claims that her sister’s pregnancies were not as easy as she portrayed it to be. So far, Kim has denied any bouts of morning sickness and claims to feel good on the whole. The major issue seems to be directed towards her adjustments to pregnancy. Kim took the time out to explain about the issue on ET Online at 1OAK Nightclub in Las Vegas.

Kim looks forward to enjoying a New Year with focus on family and health. Some of her fans and close followers expressed concerns about her pregnancy, stating that her relationship with her ex- husband, Kris Humphries, was still under legal settlement. Nevertheless, neither Kim nor Kanye seem to be concerned about her past at this time. Presently, news of the new baby appears to be the main issue for the Kardashians. As usual, critics are still in disbelief and shock. Some are even suggesting that the news of pregnancy may just be a way to increase fan base and publicity. Only time will tell!

5 thoughts on “Kim speaks about her pregnancy

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