Kim Kardashian Ranks High on the Forbes List

Critics may have been very skeptical about Kim Kardashian’s behavior and strong obsession with publicity. However, this may have just been working in her favor. She has made the Forbes List and has been placed second to actress Sofia Vergara, as well as other companies, such as State Farm, Kmart and Burger king. Sources say that Kim allegedly managed to round up close to 18 million dollars in the last year. Many critics are not too satisfied with this decision of placing her on the Forbes List as an actress because she seem to be pretty much gaining a title without the “hard work” behind it. They also claim that it may be an insult to the “real actresses” who work with a script and lacks the notorious reputation. They describe her as someone who merely shares her personal life openly with the world but lacks the talent to be considered a true actress. Nevertheless, this does not stop her from earning and it further adds to her publicity. Sources claim that she has moved on to renewing a contract for 30 million dollars so her reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” is expected to blossom. In this era, where the Media can take practically anyone from the point of being penniless to earning thousands in a matter of hours, it is no surprise that Kim seem to feature publicity as the number one priority an her agenda; not to mention her overall beauty and well toned body.

She appears to understand the trend of today’s world of wealth and exploits it as fully as she can, leaving critics and even other big names in the film industry to ponder. Kim, surprisingly, is not the only family member striving for the number one position on Forbes. Her sister Kloe has also made the list, occupying the number five position.

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