Kim Kardashian make arrangements for attending Marine Ball

The marines of the HQ Battery of North Carolina celebrate their 10th birthday ball and special invitation has been extended to Kim Kardashian to attend. The organizer of the ball, who allegedly happens to be a member of the Marine Corps, extended the invitation a few months prior to the event. This event is very well known and special invitations are generally sent out to celebrities who take time out to honor these brave servicemen with their presence. Such is the case of celebs like Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, among others.

Kim Kardashian gladly accepted the invitation and since then has been making arrangements to attend the event. Her arrangements included rescheduling some of the shootings for her famous “E!” reality TV program, as well as exhaustive workouts. Prior to attending the ball, Kim tweets that she was exhausted following a session of workouts, which she considered to be one of the best she has ever had.

Kim appears to be attending the Marine Ball without her boyfriend Kanye West, since no information have been released about an invitation extended to him nor has anyone broken the news about the same. Updates of the progress leading up to the event are expected as usual, since Kim always keeps her fan base posted. Many shares the anticipation that the marine, who would be spending the time with her, would be extremely happy and fans could hardly wait to see the pictures and read the updates that are sure to follow.

As with most cases of the Marine Corps, the identity of the serviceman, who invited Kim Kardashian to the ball, has not been released as yet. This adds even a bit more to all the suspicion and anxiety – everyone is eager to find out who the lucky guy would be!

About the Marine Corps Ball:

What is the Marine Corps Ball?
The Marine Corps Ball is a celebration of the founding of the Marine Corps.

When is the Marine Corps Ball?
The birth date of the Marine Corps is 10 November 1775. The birthday ball is generally celebrated the week-end before the actual birthday. Some commands and units will have the formal celebration the week end after -BUT- in all units there will be some type of formation or other observance on the actual birthday.

Why ON the birthday?
The 13th commandant, General John A. LeJeune directed that a reminder of the honorable service of the Corps be published by every command, to all Marines throughout the globe, on the birthday of the Corps, and therefore, in compliance, with the will of the 13th Commandant, Article 38, United States Marine Corps Manual, Edition of 1921 HIS message is always read.

Why is it called “Ball”?
The term comes from the romantic days of Cinderella. The Ball is a glamorous event. It is the one “official” military event where the wives can participate fully.

What does one wear to the “Ball”?
The “Ball” is a formal evening that follows a rigid set of events. The evening’s events are as much a part of the tradition as the “Ball” itself. The proper military attire for the evening is Winter Service “A”, Dress Blue Service “A” (with large Medals), or Mess Dress Service “A” (with small Medals). The Marine’s spouse is expected to be in formal evening wear. The formal evening wear should be appropriate and allow for the spouse to gracefully socialize.

What do you think about Kim Kardashian being invited to the ball without her boyfriend?

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  1. Kardashian isn’t the first star to attend the Marine Corps Ball. Mila Kunis attended last year’s event with Marine Sgt. Scott Moore , who videotaped his invitation to the star. Kunis’ “Friends With Benefits” co-star, Justin Timberlake , danced the night away with Cpl. Kelsey de Santis at last year’s ball in Washington, D.C.

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