Kim Kardashian Made Fun of Paris Hilton Tape

Kim Kardashian has been notoriously labeled and fiercely criticized by the public because of her alleged sex tape scandal. Nevertheless, that issue does not seem to be much of a bother to her, since she literally made fun of a similar situation involving Paris Hilton. Kim allegedly mentioned Paris Hilton’s name while on her reality show with Kris Jenner. They were spying on Brue Jenner who was playing golf with Angie Everhart, a former model. Upon arrival at the golf course Kris asked Kim for a night vision camera and she replied that the latter was the case of Paris Hilton.

A midst the drama surrounding her sex tape scandal, where she was allegedly filmed having sex with her ex – boyfriend in a well lit setting, here she was outrageously criticizing another for a similar act, except that the case of Paris was not as visible. Critics compared her to Paris Hilton, claiming that the two had a lot in common. After such a backdrop in her career and actions, the public is left to wonder, “Is she planning to put out another sex tape?”

Following all of the humiliation, sources say that Kim is now terrified about the possibility of falling back into the trap, this time with Kanye West. According to close friends, Kanye urges Kim to show out more of her physique and tries to convince her that any filmed sex act between the two would be solely regarded as art and not pornography. After falling victim to her mistake with her former boyfriend, it would be undoubtedly shameful for her to go down that same path, especially where marriage is still out of the equation. The public opinion is that she needs to define her goals and decide on a path to take. It’s heartening to see a public figure oscillate between the norm and the unacceptable but critics blame it on her undying pursuit of attention.

One thought on “Kim Kardashian Made Fun of Paris Hilton Tape

  1. Kim and her family r moneY grabbers and media whores at least Paris Hilton appears to av calmed down and is doing charity work another thing kardashian a is totally scripted (badly)

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