A Not So Good Moment for Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has gain worldwide popularity over the years. This has made her one of the most popular socialites in the world. Nevertheless, her popularity has not been all that positive, especially when issues such as “sex tape scandals” and “attention seeking” are involved. She may have caught the attention of millions but was only in for an embarrassing surprise when she spoke of royalty. Kim Kardashian has adored Her Royal Highness Duchess Kate Middleton for a long time and her recent wish, before establishing her Dorothy Perkins Line in London, would have been to have tea with her. Kim allegedly spoke of “calling up Kate on arrival to London to hang out with them” (The Kardashians).

It did not take too long for the news of her comments and wishes to propagate. Upon receipt of the news of a possible invitation to tea by the Kardashians, the Duchess of Cambridge basically “laughed out loud”, a gesture that inferred total reject of such an invitation. Sources from the Palace allegedly mentioned that the Duchess pretty much shared the same feeling of thousands of Americans regarding the behavior of the Kardashians – that of dislike towards their behavior. The Duchess finds their style totally appalling and associating herself with such people would be a phenomenon of which the Palace would never approve. The trend of the Kardashians gravitates towards fame at any cost, so one can only imagine that their ulterior motive may have been geared towards boosting their product line. It was very evident that Duchess was in no way going to establish friendship with the Kardashians. Kim was probably not in for such a response from Her Highness, and maybe she never took the time out to realize how her reputation was slowly deteriorating with time. This hopefully will serve as a beacon that can guide her back to the path that a respectable lady walks.

9 thoughts on “A Not So Good Moment for Kim Kardashian

  1. don’t know what to say..kim is not that hot for tv much less sex tape lol she need halp maybe she needs it in the ass ha ha ha ..

  2. Would people be so willing to say disgusting remarks towards a pregnant woman if you weren’t stuck behind a computer screen. Were in big trouble if this is how our society really thinks. No, she shouldn’t be criticized for gaining weight while pregnant–that part is natural and not entirely in her control. I’m sure all pregnant women deal with a little insecurity revolving around their changing bodies.

  3. Nevertheless, not all is as perfect as most people think, since Kim has claimed that pregnancy is a lot more difficult than anyone can imagine. She made reference to her sister Kourtney, who she said had amazing pregnancies. She claims that her sister’s pregnancies were not as easy as she portrayed it to be. So far, Kim has denied any bouts of morning sickness and claims to feel good on the whole. The major issue seems to be directed towards her adjustments to pregnancy. Kim took the time out to explain about the issue on ET Online at 1OAK Nightclub in Las Vegas.

  4. kardashians can only buy men and hollywood with their money. they have so much money that they probably wipe their big fat behinds with it, they will never be able to buy royalty!

  5. The 31-year-old royal – who was known as Kate Middleton before her marriage to Prince William – has begun tuning into the show after she learned Kim Kardashian, who, like the duchess, is expecting her first child in July, is a big fan of hers.

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